Ritka and Heat Stroke 22 Aug

Renae called about 10 am to up date us on Ritka. She was not feeling well this morning. She had her third eyelids closed again. She did not want to even look at food and was generally lethargic. Renea called ophthalmology to look at her eyes. I worried all day today, but decided not to bother Renae and wait till this evening.

Wesley and I went in to see Ritka about 7:30 this evening. Now the front desk folks recognize us. I paid some more on our bill and waited for Renae to bring Ritka out and take us to our visiting room. Ritka was trotting ahead and wagging her tail to see us. Renae said Ritka started feeling better in the late afternoon. They did put in the nasoesophogeal tube to feed her. They gave her about 50 ml total today of something the nutritionist came up with. In the afternoon, Ritka did eat some rice and cottage cheese for Renae. Renae brought some rice and cottage cheese for Ritka to eat. She was willing to eat the amount Renea said Ritka said she was allowed, but did not want any more.

Ritka stood for a while wanting us to cuddle her. It is hard to hug well when your dog is wearing a cone. The cone is needed as she has already tried to remove her nasoesophogeal tube. They have it stitched in by her nose and then secured with tape stapled in along the side of her head and on her neck. She really doesn’t want to tear all of that, but try to explain that to a Vizsla.

Ritka stood for a bit resting her head on Wesley’s hand, and then sort of went limp into my lap. She slept using my hand as a pillow. Unfortunately, she leaks diarrhea when she sleeps. When Renae came to get her, Ritka did not want to get up. When we got her to her feet, she was reluctant to leave. We followed Renae to her room, Ritka kept turning around to make sure we were with her. She does not trust us not to sneak off. And who can blame her – we don’t follow through the last doorway.

They won’t remove her nasoesophogeal tube until they are sure she is eating well. I’m hoping she’ll come home by Friday. Only time will tell. They also want her kidney and liver values to come down and stabilize. Her platelets are up to 123,000. So while only a quarter of normal, they are well on their way and that is not a major concern anymore.

Thanks for folks well wishes and support.


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  1. elaine brookes Says:

    I wasvery touched by your story and readwith interest and concern about the DIC. It soundsas though she has improved – though DIC has VERY low survival rates. I know it is from last year ( I am currently writing a small article for my ridgeback club magazine following the death of a friend’s ridgeback after the scorching July heat of last year – hence the internet research). Did she survive?

  2. Diane Says:

    Yes, Ritka did survive and is as happy and healthy as if nothing ever happened. She is still missing some hair from where the skin over a hematoma peeled off, but there have been no other lasting effects. Well perhaps she eats better – I think she was very hungry after going a week without food. She used to be a picky eater and now eats more like a regular dog.

    She is continuing to learn agility and hunting skills.

    I know the vet said DIC used be called dead in cage – but I thought survival rates had gone up in recent years as care had improved. Maybe I don’t want to know. I’m not sure what I’d have done if someone had said at the beginning: Vet treatment will cost you $10k and she has less than a 50% chance of survival. As it was I paid out the money a few thousand at a time and after you’ve spend $5k it seems silly to stop and kill the dog.


    BTW, I tried to e-mail you (Elaine), but it bounced.

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