Ritka News Flash 24 Aug

We got a phone call from Renae at UC Davis VMTH a few minutes ago. She said that they are checking a few blood values, and if those look OK, Ritka will be released to us today.

Update: It’s official, Ritka will be coming home this evening!

We set up part of the kitchen for Ritka. And for me to sit with Ritka. Up with wireless networking…

8 Responses to “Ritka News Flash 24 Aug”

  1. Sue Says:

    Yippeee! I’m sure you’ll be happy to have her back home… best news I’ve heard all week. :-)

  2. RBH Says:

    Aw. That’s real good to hear. Our Benito was never able to come home. Sherlock and Watson send Ritka their regards.

  3. Wesley R. Elsberry Says:

    Thank you, Sue and RBH. We’re sure looking forward to having Ritka back.

  4. Shella Says:

    Excellent! Give her a hug from the TN gang.


  5. Bob Long Says:

    That was quite an ordeal. I am very happy to hear that Ritka has pulled through and will live to hunt another day. Keep posting to let us know that all STAYS well.


  6. Greta Says:

    Happy happy! I’m so glad! Now maybe my cell phone will have a chance to get fully recharged! :)

    Give that girl a kiss from Auntie G.

  7. Karen Says:



  8. diane Says:

    Thanks for everyone’s well wishes. So far Ritka is very happy to be home.
    Her appetite is good – restricted to cottage cheese, Rice and a tad of canned food from the vet.


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