Ritka at Home 25 Aug

Today was Ritka’s first day at home from the hospital. She was allowed 1/2 cup mixture of cottage cheese and rice every few hours and a small amount of a prescription canned food with each meal. She ate well today. She is back to carrying items in her mouth, sleeping with her family and barking at activity in the school yard behind hour house. She is definitely much more herself than she was at the hospital. At no time did she try to carry her blankets at the hospital, but she has done that several times today.

Fortunately, she’s had no vomiting and while she had liquid feces, at least she is not leaking. Wesley took a few pictures of her at home. First eating in the kitchen where Wesley set up camp in case she did vomit, etc. Then in the front yard trying to show off her bone structure.

One Response to “Ritka at Home 25 Aug”

  1. Karen Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this ordeal. I’m so glad to see that Ritka got better. I have been scouring for sites that will help me -my dog got heatstroke yesterday. I was told everything from 60% to 20% to ‘we don’t know.’

    Thank you again (I know it’s a couple years old, but it helped so much).

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