Sept 14 Ritka Opthamology

Ritka went for a re-check with the ophthalmologist. Her eyes looked good for the ocular exam. The previously present inflammation has resolved. Atropine drops can be discontinued. Prednisolone can be decrease from drops 3 times a day to 2 times a day. She will be at 2 times a day for two weeks. Then once a day for two more weeks and then discontinued. Dr. Eaton said that the blood vessels that leaked blood into her eyes will probably take about 4 months to return to normal. That is one reason she will be on pred for a total of about 8 weeks.

The discharge instructions included:
“Thank you again for bringing Ritka in to see us today. She is truly a very special girl and a wonderful patient!!”

Dr. Julien Guillaumin also came by to see Ritka just for a visit. Ritka had him on the floor with her happy greeting to see him. Dr. Guillaumin was interested in where the skin sloughed off. We don’t think the hair will grow back.


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