18 Monday – Farli Vestibular Disorder

On Sept 18 Monday morning, the head was straighter and she moved better. I saw Farlie handle the steps better and navigate the dog door fine. She was able to follow a cookie to go in small circles to the left (rather than continual circles to the right. She could complete doggy push ups (sit-down-sit-stand-etc). These were suggested exercises from a dog physical therapist). Optimistically, I thought she could start going the garage again to access the back yard. We had closed the kitchen/laundry/garage doors to keep her off the steps (about 3) as I did not want her to fall. But as she seemed to be navigating better, I thought the dogs could go back to the garage route to reduce the dirt tracked into dinning room. Well I guess I was wrong. Wesley found Farlie roll-flipping on the pavers behind the garage. She scraped up both hind feet, and her left front foot and left elbow.

Naturally the kitchen/laundry/garage doors are now closed and the sliding glass door to the back is open with a blanket in the dinning room to catch some of the dirt. This does not totally solve the roll-flipping problem as she can still get to the area to the pavers. And the porch floor is hard and slick as well.

She has not recovered as I expected based on the reading I’ve done. Farli can eat and drink, pee and poop fine – ok a bit awkward, but Farli won’t let a bit of dizziness get in the way of eating. She was happy to go hunting. We could live with the ataxia – if we can just get the roll-flipping stopped.

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