A Place to Call Home

Having moved from California to Michigan, a big step was finding a place to live. We first spent a week under the hospitality of a friend, JoAnne, who was out of town at the time. Since that, we’ve been in an apartment pending renting a place for the next year. JoAnne again came through with a suggestion that we check out a place being rented by one of her past professors.

There’s a batch of interior work to be done to prepare it for our move-in, so it won’t be until next week that we can actually bring our stuff in. But here’s what the outside is like…

6 Responses to “A Place to Call Home”

  1. Gary Hurd Says:

    That looks great. I hope you all have a wonderful year. I would probably spend all my time in the field, or fishing in the pond, and never get any work done.

  2. shella Says:

    Hooray, the place looks terrific!! Robbie & Tia are jealous!
    Hugs to all!!

  3. Ferrous Patella Says:

    Were did you guys end up? This looks like Langsburg.

    My daughter is headed back that way for a wrestling tournament this week.

    I don’t know if you have found a vet yet (how hard can that be at MSU?) but we recomend Will Schultz:


  4. Wesley R. Elsberry Says:

    The painting is done, the new carpet is in, yesterday we cleaned out the garage, and our cable hookup went in Wednesday. We spent our first night here last night. Ed Brayton is coming over tomorrow to lend a hand in shifting our boxes from the apartment to here.

    The pond, we’re told, has bass and may have bream in it. It’s been years since I have done any fishing; I’ll have to give it a try here.

    You ought to bring Robbie and Tia by to try it out.

    Ferruous Patella,
    Our town is Williamston, MI. And thanks for the recommendation on a vet.

  5. Robin Says:

    Oh it looks great. I want a copy of that picture of you two. You look so cute. Love yah!

  6. renae zumstein Says:

    Hello to Diane, Wesley, Farli, and especially Ritka,
    I recieved your thank you note this week. It was great to learn that Ritka is in such great health. What an amazing girl!! Thank you so much for the pictures, I know I’ll never forget Ritka!

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