Kenna 2014_1206 Hunting Dog Stake w/ Mike Mike Bick

Enjoyed the TBVC FT Saturday 7 Dec. We got there fairly late and the brothers that judge the hunting dogs stake had to leave. Mike Bick agreed to shoot birds for the last two dogs in the Hunting Dog stake.I wanted Kenna to run by herself, and the other handler wanted a brace mate – I agreed to run Kenna with her dog, but only with me holding Kenna’s check cord. We got a few chances to practice honoring. The first several birds the other first dog found, Mike could not shoot as the bird flew directly toward people. So we kept the dog out looking for birds until Mike was able to shoot for the dog.

I kept hold of the check cord for the first bird. The bird flushed behind the palmetto where Kenna could not see and she stayed steady on flush and shot. I sent here for the retrieve and had to help since she did not see the fall. She brought the bird to me almost to me and dropped it. She completed the retrieve to hand (me squatting down) with a gentle verbal reminder.

Since she was good, I dropped the check cord for her to drag. The second bird also flushed behind the palmetto and barely flew. After I had hold of the check cord (and stood on it), Mike flushed from a second palmetto clump and shot the the bird. This time Kenna showed Mike her bird and then retrieved to hand.

Since she was the last dog, we let Kenna run a bit more – The bird on her third find flew in the open and she tried to chase. I got her standing quietly with a slack check cord. After we had a solid stand stay, I released her for the retrieve. She again showed Mike her bird before bringing to hand.

On the last bird she found, she took 2-3 steps after scenting the bird, which bumped the bird. She stood still when the bird flushed and let me walk up to her. I gave her a meat ball and told her quietly that she was wonderful.

A great run in hunting dogs stake, even if the judges were not there to see it. Thanks to Mike!

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