Hawks 17 Sept – Shelby’s first hunt this season

Sept 17 Sunday evening we went for a short hunt of about 30 minutes. Farli seemed to walk/trot straighter and really enjoy the hunt. yet. That evening the head tilt was worse (because she was tired?).

This was the first time we took Shelby our male Harris hawk out this season. He has been living in the kitchen to acclimate to the dogs. So this was also the first time Rusty and Shelby have been together since January. The “talked” to each other and flew to perch with each other.
For safety reasons, Shelby is wearing “hunter orange” and Rusty is wearing fluorescent pink this year.

The hunt was down a narrow strip of cover on the side of a hill between a drive and a cow pasture. Ritka found a covey of quail and two rabbits. The hawks did not see the rabbits. And luckily they did not catch any quail as they are not in season. Ritka had to wear her vest and a check cord for the hunt.

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