27 May 2008 New Pack Member

On 2008 May 27 we picked up our newest pack member for hunting rabbits – a (red) sable miniature long haired dachshund. The pup was in a litter of 5 born on April 12 2008 from FC Navarre von Moritz x Pennie’s Little Princess Leia. Leia’s parents are Blackhawk True Blue Patriot x Autumnjoyacres Red Jess.
Below she is with the owner of the Teddy Moritz and Penny Devore the owners of the Navarre & Leia respectively.

Sable A^y is on the A loci and is darker tips on a lighter base color hair. The pup has a “red” base hair with black tips. The pup is also B- (black). Ritka is also sable – but since she is bb and probably ee, her darker color is a dark red with a lighter red/cream at the base.

The doxie puppy sleeps with us and has an x-pen in the living room next to my desk. Right now the x-pen configured in two 2×2 ft squares with a play area in one and a potty area in the other. There is a gate in between as I have extra panels and she had a tendency to sleep in the potty area. Once I have her convinced of the potty vs play area of the x-pen this size I will change it to a 2×6 ft area with the potty area in the same place at one end.

She has not told us her name. Many have been suggested.
QT, Killer, cuddles, Beka, Swift, Flight, Digger, Tunneler. Feel free to suggest others.

2 Responses to “27 May 2008 New Pack Member”

  1. Karen S Says:

    What a beatiful, sweet little dog! If you’re still looking for names, I’d suggest Copper or Penny. Or, since you already have a Rusty, how about Dirty?

  2. Marion Jones Says:

    What a cute puppy!

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