Dachsund Update 10 June 2008

The Dachshund, Ritka and I went to agility tonight. Ritka worked on weaves. Our mini-doxie learned to go through a straight tunnel for the first time. Cary helped me do recalls through the tunnel. We started with the tunnel squished very short than gradually lengthened it. We put her up for a bit. Later in the evening, I tried it with just one person. Again I started with the tunnel squished short and gradually lengthened. I eventually go to the full length where I could lure her to the start of the tunnel and then run to the other end to call her while talking to her. After a few tries, she ran inside in response to my voice and met me at the other end. She is not consistent and sometimes ran around the outside. On the third time out for tunnel work she was more interested in exploring the C4 agility room than working with me. We also tried a two weave poles to just get the entry. Did not do so much there. She was not inclined to “offer” going through the two uprights – I did lure her by throwing a toy several times. Once or twice she went through – randomly and I rewarded that.

Between the baby puppy’s training sessions Ritka had her own sessions – Ritka is very patient and quiet waiting her turn – sometimes Ritka seems too well behaved. Ritka also got a new agility leash – it is all fleece with a small thin nylon strengthening cord – Both Ritka and I think it has excellent toy potential. Jen’s mom made it for me – she has a web site at: http://www.kathyscratedesigns.com/
It is not one of her standard designs and I was able to choose the colors. Nice that she was willing to custom make what I wanted – and good work too.

We are trying the name Beka out for size on the Mini dachshund – she weighed 3 lbs 5 oz tonight.

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